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The precious one~Kamenashi Kazuya

Boku~no KAT-TUN saiko!!

I'm not as simple as i thought


I am a simple ordinary university student,
who love everything about Kamenashi Kazuya and Detective Conan.
Whether i love to study or not, i can't tell that myself anymore.
I live in the KAT-TUN love world.
I'm being optimistic when it comes to what i cherish.
Doodling is my habit rather than hobby, but I love cooking, and drawing.
Totally drama, manga and anime addict but more to Japanese.

I'm a lonely person who always had this things in my mind, "Never give up, things'll work out somehow, we should always head for a better tomorrow & hope for a bright future", but somehow, i couldnt help but feel down sometimes. Thus, i might need someone to tell me "What u worry bout will be all right"


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For better of for worse, he's the only one who can move my heart.
Ajai ♥ Kamenashi Kazuya

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